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Welcome to the SML - SuperMarioLogan WikiEdit

Logan was born in 1994. Once he had a Youtube Account named "supermariologan1994" but closed it down and replaced it with "supermariologan" because 1994 was when he was born and he did not wan't to give personal information about his birth year.

Major Information Edit

This wiki focuses on a popular Youtube account named "SuperMarioLogan" aka Logan who makes plush videos.

Meet The Characters Edit

Mario Edit

Mario image
Mario is the main character of SuperMarioLogan. Mario isn’t a funny character, he is more of a serious, stern, and a normal character who just wants everything to go as planned.

Shrek Edit

Shrek image
Shrek is one of the main characters of SuperMarioLogan. Shrek is a big, fat, ogre who LOVES cheesecake. Shrek is a funny character who will do anything for cheesecake. Shrek is known for taking huge craps.

Woody Edit

Woody image
Woody is a main character of SuperMarioLogan. Woody has his own series called “Shrimpo Hunter” where he plays the role as a hunter for killing Shrimpos. Woody LOVES shrimp. Woody is known for going crazy over shrimp and pronouncing the word “shrimp” as “shrimpo”. Woody is a funny redneck character.

Black Yoshi Edit

Black yoshi image
Black Yoshi is a main character of SuperMarioLogan. Black Yoshi is an African American based character. Black Yoshi is a funny character that has some minor anger problems. Black Yoshi is known for playing the PS3 and playing Call’of’Dooty. He would kill someone for touching his Call'of'Dooty.

Lovell Stanton Edit

Lovell Stanton is an actor for SuperMarioLogan. He has appeared in many videos. Lovell is mostly known for playing as a Drug Dealer and a Inmate rapist.