Toad is a really annoying character.

Friends A few people
Enemies Unknown
Gender Male
Born Not mentioned
Died Never died (almost died in "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" "Toad's New Ball" "Toad Away" and "Toad's Sweet Ride" but ends up in the hospital instead)
Favorite Food Milk
Hobbie Random Stuff
Other Info If you have other information about Toad, please add it here
He is a mushroom and likes bothering others like Black Yoshi and Chef Peepee.

Characters that have a hatred of ToadEdit

Toad is hated by everyone except Ray Cheesy. The Characters who hates are Mario, Luigi, Black Yoshi, Shrek, and Chef Peepee.

Why Toad is hated by Mario: hes helping Bowser, He got Mario arrested

Why Toad is hated by Luigi: He touched his Nickel.

Why Toad is hated by Black Yoshi: He always interupts him in call of Duty.

Why Toad is hated by Shrek: He ate all his Dorittos in the Super Bowl and presumbly ate his Cheese Cake

Why Toad is hated by Chef Peepee: he always interups him while he's cooking and messes things up (ruins things for him)